Clean water is vital for humans, animals and nature. Fryslân has the cleanest water in the Netherlands. Deep underground layers are almost completely free of pesticides and other contaminants. In Frij Fryslân we want to keep it that way, which is why it is important to treat the soil well, with healthy agriculture and good water purification techniques.

Drinking water

Fryslân has the cleanest water in the Netherlands. Vitens has 12 locations in Fryslân where clean drinking water is produced. In total, more than 450 million square meters per year. As far as drinking water is concerned, Fryslân can support itself.

Before NUON Water (1999) was founded, Fryslân had its own 'Waterleidingbedrijf Fryslân'. In 2002 it merged with Vitens, of which the province of Fryslân now owns 13% of the shares. Frij Fryslân will of course have its own public drinking water company again.

Vitens has set up its own laboratory in Leeuwarden, where microbiological and chemical research is carried out into the (ground) water quality. The laboratory processes hundreds of water samples every day and is largely automated. This laboratory will continue to exist in Frij Fryslân. It is of great value for the quality of the water for the whole of Fryslân and all other areas that want to use the services of the laboratory.

Clean and pure

There are purification installations throughout Fryslân for the purification of water from households and companies. Wetterskip Fryslân usually manages it. In addition, some companies also have their own installations and people in rural areas also have an IBA installation (individual wastewater treatment). In general, that works well. Points of attention include the nitrate content in the water, pesticides and chemicals that are difficult to filter out, and the costs of the systems.

To prevent overloading the installations, rainwater is disconnected from the sewer in Frij Fryslân. By making the agricultural system soil-bound and organic, the surface water will also become much cleaner. In addition, new techniques from companies in the water cluster in Leeuwarden (Wetsus) are being used to further optimize the water quality. But old techniques such as helophyte filters can also be used. In order to maintain a clean surface, there is no longer any gas extraction and 'fracking' is prohibited.

Sea dikes, dunes and water board

An important organization in Fryslân is Wetterskip Fryslân, which takes care of the sea dikes, dunes, reservoir banks and quays, etc. These precautions make Fryslân keep its feet dry, as it is called. In addition, the latest technology is used to monitor the strength of dikes  and dunes.