Join us!

Join us!

If you feel connected to the philosophy of Frij Fryslân, we invite you to meet people and organizations that are active within our network and see if and where you want to contribute. Are you already working with an initiative or group and do you want to share knowledge, expand your network or are you looking for support, please feel free to contact us.


There are several options for connecting. Walk-in evenings are held every Monday evening in Leeuwarden for people who are considering working in theme groups or who have their own initiative that they would like to discuss. People who are already active within Frij Fryslân are often present on these evenings, which means that great encounters and exchanges can arise. Contact us by email if you'd like to visit on a Monday evening.

Become a member

Anyone who is or becomes active within the organization is asked to register as a member. 

Companies can also join. They are asked what forms of exchange they can offer with the others in the cooperative. Examples are things like discounts or other offers or benefits for members, but also helping hands in the company from the cooperative. The value exchange system currently under construction will support these exchanges.


Initiators of Frij Fryslân regularly give presentations 'in den lande' upon invitation. Do you want to organize this in your own environment? Then contact us.

Theme groups

There is much to be done and many more thematic groups will start to focus on specific issues. If you would like to participate in such a group, please let us know.

Development of the cooperative

People who have ideas for a cooperative project, are looking for others who also want this and/or are looking for support in developing it, are welcome to contact us.

Business contact

Companies whose activities match the vision of Frij Fryslân are cordially invited to contact us.

Donors, investors and sponsors

Donations, investments and sponsors are welcome. Investors and sponsors can contact us. We are also actively looking for investors for farmers.

Do you want to make a donation? Then you can transfer an amount to account number NL26 INGB 0675 8991 41 in the name of Frij Fryslân Kooperaasje U.A. with reference to 'donation'.


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Do you have any questions?

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