Art and Culture

Art and Culture

Culture is what there is in a community in terms of physical expressions and ideas. Art challenges this, so that innovation can take place and shows the ideas that live within a society, so that there can be reflection. Art can challenge us to scrutinize and examine the habits, tendencies and characteristics of our own culture and way of life. It provides us with various perspectives and perhaps even solutions.

Art and culture in Fryslân

Over the centuries, Fryslân has known a rich culture. Countless stories and sagas told of where we came from, where we are moving and the lessons that can be learned from this. From the legendary kings Finn and Redbad to the Lady of Stavoren; they all bear witness to the rich cultural treasures of Fryslân. We have not even lost this storytelling culture “a long time ago”…

The year 2018 marked an important moment. Leeuwarden was then declared European Capital of Culture. It put the spotlight on Fryslân for one year and, partly due to the years of preparation and the millions invested, meant a considerable boost to cultural life. This was urgently needed, because in the decades before that there had been major cutbacks on art and culture.


Art and culture are expressions of infinite human creativity. A rich cultural life supports society. It connects, incites awareness and explores the boundaries of the imaginable. Cultural expressions make everyday life in all its facets more fun, easier to understand or easier to digest. Culture comforts, awakens, alienates, or calms. The arts also support the identity of a society, or question it. Culture is therefore like the lifeblood of a society: indispensable, but precisely because of this it is sometimes invisible, undervalued and taken for granted.


In the Art and Culture theme, we support the vision of Frij Fryslân on an individual and collective level. That's why we want both creating and consuming it to be accessible to everyone. We therefore believe that art education should be equally accessible to everyone.

Art and culture in Frij Fryslân

Awareness of the importance of art and culture is essential, both for artists, for people who are involved in art and culture as a hobby, and for society as a whole. Art and culture not only preserve the highly developed forms of expression of a culture, they preferably also challenge people to see multiple and new perspectives.

Are you participating?

The first working group within the theme 'Art and Culture' of Frij Fryslân is here and is determined to promote a flourishing art and culture sector. We invite artists, cultural organizations and the wider public to participate. Together we are committed to the growth and flourishing of visual arts, performing arts and literature. The goal is to be able to share with the world what it means to be 'free and Frisian' (again).

Step into a world of imagination, where art forms converge, talents thrive and collaboration flourishes. Discover the artistic soul of Fryslân, nurtured by tradition and enriched by innovation.

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