Frij Fryslân has the potential to become a blue zone, a place on Earth where people live happy, long and healthy lives. That is why in Frij Fryslân the scale is reduced to the human dimension. No one will be excluded from health care. By means of assistance and training, health care will also help people to preventively ensure that they remain healthy. And it will be holistic: it will apply approaches to healing that are not yet mainstream but that have already shown spectacular results.

Fryslân as blue zone

Fryslân has the potential to be a so-called blue zone, a place on Earth where people live happy, long and healthy lives. The Frisian sense of community already meets a number of the conditions of a blue zone. However, health care still deserves the necessary attention. It will be redesigned as a preventive and holistically oriented system.

Expensive and inefficient

Healthcare is currently expensive and the human dimension is quickly lost sight of. Hospitals have become businesses that can also go bankrupt. Medical specialist and their partnerships are small businesses within a company. The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar business that is actually aimed at turning people into lifelong patients. The latter has been quite successful: at the moment 58% of the inhabitants of the Netherlands – or 9.9 million – suffer from one or more chronic diseases.

Healthcare on the move

Healthcare should therefore be altered in many ways. First of all, a small-scale approach already brings back part of the human dimension. Another important point is that people are not excluded from care for any reason.


People are not seen as patients, but as full humans who are encouraged to take their health into their own hands as much as possible. Training. guidance and information are offered in their own region.

More holistic

Research based on a more holistic approach to humans life has produced spectacular results. Humans are capable of much more than the current medical model believes possible. Think, for example, of the results that the Iceman Wim Hof ​​has achieved, and on which intensive scientific research has been carried out. Hof proved to be able to control his body at the level of the autoimmune system, which was always thought impossible. These and other approaches are stimulated in Frij Fryslân.

Bridging the gap

Regular care is not always seen in a good light for people who are conscious of their health. But it is certainly not all doom and gloom. Huge progress has been made, although usually based on mechanical and chemical solutions. In emergency situations, the current care is very well capable of providing assistance. But if you want to work preventively and support people before problems arise, or if you want to approach the symptoms from a holistic point of view, then you will often be disappointed with regular care. Specialists often have blinders on and do not take other solutions seriously. Awareness has increased considerably in recent years, but viable alternative treatments are still referred to as quackery. This is very unfortunate: it is important to always remain open to (completely) other possibilities.

Frij Fryslân wants to help form a bridge between what is now called 'regular care' and the so-called 'alternative' way of working, so that a truly holistic view of health can take shape. This means, among other things, that the incentive - now almost always money - should be adjusted. A cooperative model offers interesting opportunities for this.

Will you join us?

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