Frij Fryslân aspires its own Frisian currency, which stimulates the Frisian economy. With this Frisian money, Frij Fryslân decides for itself what is important and what has value. This money system offers people the freedom to do what they want with money. The possibilities to create an Frisian currency are sought in blockchain techniques on the one hand, and in gold and silver on the other.

Frisian money

Frij Fryslân has a distinct vision of prosperity and well-being. The old economic models and the associated money systems do not take into account all the things that Frij Fryslân considers important. That is why it is important that Frij Fryslân has its own money system.

What exactly is money?

What people find important is expressed in money. Money has roughly three functions:

  1. barter, trade and buy;
  2. calculate: to be able to express the value of goods and services;
  3. hold value.

At the same time, many things are not expressed in money, such as informal care and other matters that are not included in economists' models.

In recent years, more and more serious thought has been given to developing alternatives to the existing economic models, which are mainly aimed at profit maximization. Two examples are Kate Raworth's Donut Economics and Christian Felber's Economy for the Common Good. These models try to take into account all aspects of the economy as much as possible, including social and ecological effects.

The global financial crisis

In recent years, the global financial system has stalled. Money creation by the banks has created a mountain of debt that can no longer be resolved. The world's central banks are working towards a reset of the financial system. This entails the creation of a digital currency and much more control by the banks on what people can and should spend their money on.

Towards a Frisian currency

In Frij Fryslân, there is a money system that gives people the freedom to do whatever they want with money. The possibilities to shape a Frisian currency are sought in blockchain techniques on the one hand, and in gold and silver on the other.

In addition to a Frisian currency, a Frisian cooperative bank can also be established again, and a Frisian Stock Exchange, which together will further promote investing in the Frisian economy.


In Frij Fryslân, capital and sales tax is levied, but no income tax. The tax is paid with the Frisian currency.