Democracy in Frij Fryslân

Democracy in Frij Fryslân

Frij Fryslân is based on direct democracy: the population decides on topics themselves. These include electing a body of representatives of the people, municipal council or other important officials, referenda, electing the president of the republic and the joining of the confederation by a particular region.

Trust in politics

A survey of March 2021, co-commissioned by Omrop Fryslân, showed that the gap between politicians and residents is large. No more than 18% of the inhabitants of Fryslân , Groningen and Drenthe feel that they are represented by the politicians in The Hague. They also feel that regional topics and themes are not given enough attention there. Residents of the three provinces have the impression that the provinces are mainly seen as a milking cow. In the parliamentary elections of 2021, the current government parties CDA, VVD, D66 and CU did not gain a majority of votes in Fryslân. That means that the inhabitants of Fryslân do not legitimize this government.

Democracy starts at the local level

In Frij Fryslân things are different. Everyone who signs the declaration participates in the decision-making process. The government of Frij Fryslân is then formed by elected representatives of the people, starting at the local level of villages and neighbourhoods. The way in which that parliament and the government are formed will also be the subject of a referendum.


The binding referendum is part of Frij Fryslân's foundation. Referenda are introduced for this purpose for major cases. The government is therefore apolitical: it implements the decisions made by the population. By means of a referendum the people of Frij Fryslân will vote about whether they will actually participate or to which extent they want to participate in international organizations and institutions.

Rights and obligations

Every resident is asked to serve Frij Fryslân for one year of his or her life. The choice of what the person in question will do is left free. In Frij Fryslân there is also the possibility to create 'free zones', where there are no obligations for the community but where, on the other hand, there is also no right to services that are paid for by other residents.

The intent is to make a "digital" membership available to anyone, from around the world, who subscribes to Frij Fryslân's principles. In this way, 'Frisians living abroad' can also reconnect with their homeland.