How can I participate?

You can participate in many different ways. In the first place you can sign up for the newsletter and keep track of the website. Some people are very practical. There are already many projects in Fryslân where practical help is welcome. On the website of Frij Fryslân we try to chart and connect as many of these projects as possible. Other people are good at thinking. Making Frij Fryslân a success also requires a lot of thinking. These people are cordially invited to join one of the project teams of Frij Fryslân. Finally, donations are also very welcome.

How do you want to achieve your goals?

Frij Fryslân comes about through the collective effort of every human being who will commit to its vision and goals. This is a bottom-up movement, with the goal being achieved if enough individuals join. In addition, achieving the goals requires a lot of brainpower and work power. We try to mobilize them as much as possible by connecting people and projects.

Are you nationalist?

No: we are working towards solutions that are universal, that is applicable to all people, only we apply them in a relatively limited area, because we think it is part of the nature of people to work and live on a small scale.